About Me

"He not busy being born is busy dyin' " - Bob Dylan

I'm de jure retired but de facto trying to get some professional projects off the ground; I also do some travelling. I'm a THC only stoner 24-7-365 except for occasional one-week refocus stints of no mood altering substances; I'll put the details in an essay and link it here soon.

I presently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA, and love most of the folks and environment here. I wake up each day and:

1. Commit to being polite, helpful, and spiritual all day long unless someone tries to force something on me; then I resolve that and get back to being polite, helpful, and spiritual.
2. Work on media projects, mostly researching and writing.
3. Exercise/Labor/Work.
4. Do overhead stuff (Housekeeping, repairing, shopping, etc.)
5. Do rest and relaxation stuff.
6. Note: The above five steps include jumping back-and-forth between steps and usually but not always starting them in order.

My Crocodile Dundee Moment in Real Life (video)

I'm on a farm and a gang banger with tattoos from his head to his toe including the tear-drop gets dropped off there to "give him a chance at a better life" or some such idiotic thing.
It's just me and him and the lady who comes by once a week to help keep the farmhouse straight.
The gang banger goes after her and I strap my rifle on my back and escort her to her car and she drives off.
The banger comes at me *clearly* expecting to wrestle the rifle off my back. He gets within 3 feet when I put my hand on my Bowie knife and he changes his mind but starts searching for that firearm somewhere on the farm that somebody forgot to put away. I run him off the property and the person who dropped him off tells me I handled the situation wrong.
You can't make this stuff up.
(Thats not a knife - Crocodile Dundee)